Cesar Aguilar

I am Cesar Aguilar, and I am running to be LD26's next House of Representatives because I am fighting for working-class values. Today our pay rates are not matching up with expenses. When you are too broke to even go to work, the government is not doing its job. I am a Democrat who will make sure we properly fund education across the board, I will fight to expand unions and get rid of Arizona's Right-to-Work law so that families can get paid a livable wage, have healthcare insurance, and be able to retire with a pension, and lastly, I plan on expanding Medicaid to working families, we are all one sickness or injury away from getting into medical debt which is the number one reason why Arizonian's file for bankruptcy. I am also committed to changing ethical government and that is why I am the only Democrat running as a Clean Election Candidate. I do not need to take special-interest money to fight for working-class values.