Gil Hacohen

I am Gil Hacohen, Candidate for Democratic Primary Election, Arizona Legislative District #26. Why am I campaigning to represent Arizona’s Legislative District #26? Over the past several years, particularly since the pandemic, I’ve witnessed my community slowly decay. Homelessness, which was always present, has become pervasive. Meanwhile, rent has spiraled out of control with increases above 50%, driving many of my neighbors to move away. For the families who stay, many are afraid to let their children play outside. Meanwhile, down at the capitol, the Republican politicians are trying to make it harder to vote in elections (threatening our must fundamental democratic right)! I believe that we deserve better. Families should feel safe from crime as well as rising costs. Basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, and medical assistance (including mental healthcare) should be available for those in need. Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their American Dream, whatever that may mean to them. That is why ensuring every Arizonan’s right to to vote in fair democratic elections (which millions of veterans died to protect) must never be limited, reduced, or taken away. There are common sense solutions to our policy problems, but we have to move past political polarization based on ideological “issue positions.” We can find answers and fix things if we ask questions and discuss alternatives with everyone at the table instead of posturing for individual pictures. With my unique perspective as an immigrant, and as a small business owner coupled with my successful negotiation skillset as a lawyer, I think that I can make a difference. We can address homelessness, rising inflation, improving schools, providing healthcare access, job training, crime, preserving the environment, finding a path to US citizenship, and protecting our right to vote. That is why I am running for Arizona’s House of Representatives for Legislative District #26. I want to serve my community by being a part of the change I want to see in my community.