Raquel Terán

My name is Raquel A. Terán and I am running to represent the residents of Legislative District 26 in the Arizona Senate. My husband and I are raising my son in West Phoenix and I know firsthand the importance of fully funded high-quality education, protecting democracy, and creating a sustainable economy where families from all walks of life have a chance to succeed. I have served in the legislature since 2019 and I am committed to advocating for women, immigrants, working families, and healthcare for all. My family taught me that there comes a time when you have to put your values into action. In 2006, I saw anti-immigrant sentiment and legislation gaining momentum in Arizona. Because of my deep belief in equality, fairness, and family, I started organizing in our community and became a trusted community leader in the battles against SB1070 (the racial-profiling law), the fight against former Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I am asking for your vote to continue the fight to ensure every child is able to grow up in the best community possible and that those who have given their time and years of work to the district are able to enjoy the fruits of that work. That means fighting for good, fully-funded neighborhood schools, access to quality affordable healthcare for everyone, good-paying jobs, and access to affordable housing. You have my utmost commitment that I will show up every day ready to fight for our families. https://raquelteran.com/